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Bioengineering Core

Overview of Services


The Bioengineering Core (BEC) provides scientific instrumentation resources that catalyze the success of investigators by providing them with tools needed to design elegant experiments and ask truly cutting-edge research questions. Services provided:

  • Engineering design and manufacture of customized devices for research and clinical applications, such as high precision mechanical fabrication, modification, assembly, and repair.
  • Design and manufacture of customized instruments for research and clinical applications, such as electronics, optics, and lab automation system.
  • 3D printing of plastic prototype devices.
  • Laser cutting and engraving of plastic, rubber, wood, or paper sheets.
  • Stockroom of electrical wires, fasteners, and raw materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and plastics
  • Consultation for engineering projects, such as proposal preparation, engineering draft, and cost estimate.


Fabrizio Gabbiani
Academic Director
Professor of Neuroscience
phone: 713-798-1849


I-Chih Tan

Core Director/Engineer

phone: 713-798-9168


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

One Baylor Plaza
Taub Building, Suite T130
Houston, Texas 77030


Taub Buillding Map

Links and Resources

BCM Department of Neuroscience

Jan and Dan Duncan NRI 




Name Role Phone Email Location
Fabrizio Gabbiani
Scientific Director

IChih Tan
Core Director/Engineer
Internal BCM iLab Support
Internal BCM iLab Support